Workshops & Exhibitions


We are often invited to provide workshops and exhibitions at various venues that relate to our current range of kits. Our demonstrations are aimed for the whole family.  These include making paper planes, model gliders and Mecodel models. Furthermore, we show the simple yet effective process of applying recycled materials into various applications along with fun quizzes, experience sharing and ideas for the future.

RAF Elvington Workshops

One of our frequent workshop venues is at the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, just outside York. We are part of an array of ongoing events throughout the year. Visitors gain a wealth of knowledge with amazing stories and tales to share.

Models, Gliders & Paper Planes

Our kits are based on three general scales: Small 1:40, Medium 1:30, Large 1: 20. Gliders and paper planes are set to small scale about A4 page size. Quizzes can vary between 24 to 50 questions per kit.

Fun Experience Sharing

We like our workshops to be fun and stimulating, especially when it comes to sharing experiences of model making and the fun stories and tales that often come from them. Our kits can be enjoyed by families, schools, tour groups, enthusiasts and we look forward to greeting you at our next workshop.


In addition to the main workshop theme of model kit making, there are other avenues of discussion. The benefits of developing and exploring eco-mindfulness, resource awareness and mental wellbeing through creative eco-innovation and knowledge via our quizzes.

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