The following are general opinions, reactions and experiences we have received from our sample tests runs to date. We have categorised them as before, during and after building a Mecodel model.

We hope you enjoy our model kits and look forward to hearing any opinions you might like to share with us.

Initial Opinion of a Mecodel kit (before)

  • “Very nostalgic”
  • “Takes me back to my childhood’”
  • “I like the 3D shading”
  • “The recycle aspect of your product is a big theme nowadays”
  • "I can see from simple intuition, how to make the model by just looking at the templates"
  • "The realistic look and feel and the detail is impressive"
  • "The cost of the kits are so much cheaper than the plastic kits on the market and I like the freebies that come with the kits"
  • "It is a good learning experience to cut out each part rather than pop-out pre-cuts"
  • "It is great to have such variety within each kit"
  • "I like the format of learning facts though a quiz"

Experience (during)

  • "I like the scale size of the Mecodel model - something I can build and personalize"
  • "The instructions are clear, easy to follow, but a bit basic, however, it is reassuring to refer to your website for more details, if needed"
  • "It would help if you could post some videos on how to build a Mecodel"
  • "I like the references of suggested materials and tools and the flexibility of options"
  • "I like the feeling of using our household resources better"
  • "It feels good working with recycled cardboard and wood rather than plastic"

Overall Result (after)

  • "I like the robustness of these models and its fun for my children to play with!"
  • "The stand makes it easy to mount the plane for display"
  • "My friends cannot believe it is made out of recycled materials!"
  • "Albeit, the shape is not exact, the proportionalities are good and the look and feel gives it a really cool 3D realistic feel about it"
  • "I like the option to customize my plane with propellers or/and motion lid, also display on a stand or undercarriage wheels"
  • "My Mecodel plane looks great on its airfield base"

"This is an alternative approach to the plastic molded kits I used to make. Whilst the plastic molded kits are shaped for you, you are required to paint them. With Mecodels, the colouring is done for you, but you have to shape them"

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