Required Tools



Please note: we only supply the model kits. You are encouraged to find your own tools as referenced here.


  • PVA or Wood Adhesive Glue

(see below for details)

  • Scissors
  • Scoring Knife
  • Edge Ruler
  • Claps, Clips & Rubber Bands
  • Pin
  • Shaping utensils (i.e. marker pen, screw drivers, pencils, pens etc.)


  • Plastic lid nozzle hole cutting utensil (i.e. apple core cutter etc.)
  • Pincers and pliers
  • Small wood/metal saw
  • Fine Sandpaper (smooth edges)
  • Marker pen (colour edges)
  • Paint brush & Varnish (finish texture and extra strength)

Wood Adhesive PVA Glue

White Polyvinyl Acetate, or PVA glue, tends to be suitable for eco-based model creations because it is:

  • transparent when it dries
  • easy to clean up and wiped away with water, thus no harsh chemicals needed
  • an effective filler
  • does not emit strong fumes
  • affordable and readily available on the market

however it is:

  • not water-resistant
  • has a limited shelf life, typically 1 to 3 years
  • requires clamps to bond materials together needing 10 to 20 minutes to set

You Will Also Need


A flat surface that can be either washed down or covered for protection against glue, scoring lines and potential stains.


Allow, where feasible, plenty of time for eco-modelling, no rushing! This will enable the immersion of effective flow of thought.

Opportunity & Freedom

Share encouragement, creativity, innovation and imagination with careful planning and safety in mind. Instructions are provided as a base guide along with your own creative thoughts and ideas.

Junk to Recycle

Select clean junk materials to recycle, avoid sharp and serrated edges and objects that can be swallowed easily if children are involved…

IMPORTANT:  supervision might be required if children

                        use some of the above tools.

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