Required Materials



Each Mecodel will need a particular range of recycled materials to build from. These planes require the following types of materials:


that is easy to bend and has reasonable strength, such as non-corrugated cereal, pizza and other similar boxes. (body and wing materials)

Flat sticks:

such as lollipop sticks, stirrers etc. (support struts for wings)

Thin sticks:

such as cocktail or match sticks etc. (antenna, guns)


(antenna wire)

Plastic lid covers:

such as crisp tube cap lids etc.

(motion propeller)


It is our hope that as you develop your recycle resourcefulness, you will see more ideas of other model creations of your own. The range of recycled materials will increase as we add new themes of Mecodels to our collection. If you have any suggestions on other recycled materials which could be added here feel free to advise us via our contact us page.

Innovative Material Uses

Our kits provide the essential design of each model. However, there are options to add additional features if you so wish.

For example, you might want to make your own nozzle out of soft wood, attach weapons under the wings, create a different stand or even personalize your Mecodel with additional stickers/ markings etc. We want to give you the base model and allow you the freedom to express yourself with additional add-ons if you so wish. 

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