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Model making using recycled materials is a versatile craft that offers the opportunity to fine tune a broad range of skills and techniques with boundless imagination and inspiration.

Creative Self Expression

Places where materials can be recycled or upcycled provides an opportunity to express creativity, identity, innovation and cognitive ability.

Problem Solving

Combining and adapting different  materials, for different purposes in different ways, requires some level of self-divergent problem solving.

This helps develop intra-psychic capability (self-reliance), mindfulness and a growth mind set (a belief in one’s self as a learner and thinker). Complex skills such as effective resourceful thinking, task sequencing, hypothesis testing, analysis and evaluation is also being developed and applied.

Unleash Your Child’s Potential Through Eco-modelling

Children learn about their world and how to interact with it through experience. The creative environment that eco-modelling generates helps kids develop fine motor skills, tools, materials and how to use them. The valuable skill of spotting an opportunity and turning that idea into something actual and structural – is a highly sought after skill in today’s fast evolving world.

This uplifting creative experience helps:

  • Social and language skills
  • Unleashes the inner engineer, innovator and artist
  • Generates a feel good factor with a sense of achievement

Your Achievement

Our aim is to give you the platform to build self-confidence in creative reasoning, problem solving and conceptually and practically visualizing results to optimize your achievement, motivation and reward.

Surprise yourself by unleashing your untapped creative and innovate skills and inspire others to do the same!

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