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The concept of MECODELS started in 2014 and was established from January 15, 2017. We specialize in making eco-based model kits for enthusiasts, schools, clubs and gifts. Our kits are uniquely designed, 3D sticker-based templates for you to apply onto your choice of recycled materials using your choice of tools.

Our vision is to make a wide range of fun, popular themed and educational set of model kits for anyone to build. It is our hope that our model kits will bring greater awareness of recycled resourcefulness, self-reliance and belief. Furthermore, we hope it can be a positive, fun and inspiring learning experience.

Recycle-based Adhesive Products

Each kit is made to fit its theme. Our WW2 plane collection includes:

  • Model Sticker Templates: Body, Wings, Stand & Parts
  • Airfield Platform Display Base
  • Instruction & Illustration Step Guide (including required tools, materials)
  • Glider Sticker Template with Instructions
  • Poster
  • Trivia Quiz Challenge

Step-by-step Illustration Instructions

Our instruction guide summaries the required materials and tools you need. It also lists a summary of the main construction steps required with reference to the illustration step guide.

Our illustration step guide is made from actual photos of the different stages of construction with brief explanations. The illustrations are sequenced into several stages.

  • Preparation
  • Shaping and edge marking
  • Build by following the tab sequence 
  • Mounting plane onto stand and base

Example of a P-47 Thunderbolt under construction

-shaping and construction following tab sequence.

Key Features

  • Easy to build, robust construction using recycled materials.

  • Unique, realistic, detailed 3D sticker design templates.

  • Low cost, scalable and easy to display.

  • Customize and personalise your mecodel.

  • Enhance your innovative,  creative and cognitive skills.

  • Learn amazing facts on each mecodel.

Each Kit Consists of:

  • Adhesive sticker templates of  model body, wings, parts and stand.

  • Airfield base to stand model on.

  • Instructions and suggested materials and tools.

  • Background quiz and explanations on each model.

  • Glider sticker template with instructions.

  • Packaged in a cardboard sleeve

(that can be used in the construction)


  • Mindfulness

  • Learning through building

  • Recycle material awareness

  • Resourcefulness and resilience

  • Mental training and wellbeing

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