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Each of our aircraft kits includes a quiz. We hope our explanations to the answers will be enlightening and fun to share with your family, colleagues and friends. Currently we have explanations for the Halifax Kit family pack. Additional WW2 plane kits and quizzes will be provided in the coming months.

Friday the 13th LV907

Discover & Learn

  • Unique tales and stories
  • Surprising facts
  • Terminologies
  • Historical timelines
  • Characters
  • Lucky mascots
  • Nicknames
  • Facts and figures

and much more ...

346 guyenne Squadron

Other Trivia Quizzes

We are in the process of preparing a collection of famous WWII fighter planes kits with 24 trivia questions each. Answer explanations will also be posted here once the kits are released.

Handley Page Halifax III

The Halifax Quiz involves:

  • Historical facts
  • Elvington airfield
  • Friday the 13th LV907
  • 158 Squadron
  • 346 Guyenne Squadron
  • 77 Squadron
  • Free French movement

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