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At Mecodels (M-ECO-dels or Me-co-dels), we design and make innovative, sticker-based eco-model kits that can be applied onto your choice of recycled materials and recommended tools (outlined in the instructions) to build popular-themed model crafts.

Our kits  focus on education, eco-friendliness and hobby craft offering a suitable choice for gifts, workshops, schools, clubs, families and enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Uniquely designed model templates with few parts.

Robust and easy to build with customizable options.

Realistic detailed 3D design.

A fun and innovative learning experience.

Play and display your personalized Mecodel.




Why Mecodels?

Our kits are designed to enable you to unleash your creativity and innovation skills to experience a new to market educational eco-model building hobby craft.
Each kit comes as a combinational package involving:

  • Model kit
  • Quiz
  • Glider
  • Paper Plane

Large scaled packages also include:

  • Airfield Base
  • Poster

e want you to have a 
fun, educational eco-learning experience that can: 

  • Develop your awareness and resourcefulness of recycling materials
  • Develop your application and skill on using household tools
  • Expand your knowledge through our fun quizzes
  • Improve your cognitive handicraft skills
  • Expand your innovative and creative ideas
  • Increase your mental resilience
  • Develop your eco-mindfulness skills

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